Based in San Francisco and with a global network of real estate partners, we help office tenants find and create the best workplaces anywhere in the world. Our conflict-free model ensures that we only represent our clients’​ best interests, and our partnership approach to service delivers ongoing value long after the transaction.

Conflict-free representation

A tenant typically occupies only a percentage of a landlord’s building or portfolio, creating immediate conflict if our firm were to represent the interests of both parties or have aspirations to obtain that landlord’s listing business.

We only represent tenants and never landlords, so our clients never have to worry about whose side we’re on.

The properties we present and tour are always without bias, and we negotiate aggressively on behalf of our clients and without any landlord influence to ensure the best terms and optimal results, every time.

Regional, national and global support

We co-broker with local experts all over the world, with no exclusive alliance to one real estate company.  Since no one company can be the best provider in every market in the world, we take a firm-agnostic approach that allows us to source only the best local real estate partners. This forces competition for our clients’ business, resulting in much better service and results.

True partnership

We value the trust our clients bestow on our firm and therefore view our relationship as a partnership, and something much larger than simply the lease or purchase transaction.

While our clients operate their business, we quietly monitor the market and alert them of events or ownership changes that could impact their tenancy.  We also track and stay ahead of critical lease dates to ensure important events are never missed, and are always a call or email away to assist should they need our help with anything.

More than you’d expect.

Planning & Analysis

  • • Financial Planning and Modeling
  • • Workplace design Strategy
  • • Space Programming
  • • Drive time and Commute Analysis
  • • Market Research
  • • Site Evalution

Leasing & Purchasing

  • • Office Relocation, Lease Renewal,
    New Office, Expansion Office
  • • Lease vs. Purchase Analysis
  • • Lease and Purchase Negotiations
  • • Sublease Marketing
  • • Project Management
  • • Move Coordination

Continued Partnership

  • • Critical Date Monitoring
  • • Lease Termination &
    Rent Reduction Assistance
  • • Ownership Change Alerts
  • • Expansion/Reduction Strategies
  • • Rent Reduction Assistance

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