Re imagine

Recreate (verb):

to give new life or freshness to

- Merriam Webster Dictionary

We set out to create an agency that provides extraordinary real estate services both locally and globally, while recreating many of commercial real estate's antiquated models and processes that were due for a change. 

Real estate firms around the world continue to merge and grow larger and larger, resulting in the majority of currently available properties being represented by only a handful of these large corporations.  It's this very consolidation that has fueled the necessity for firms that only represent one side; the interests of tenants and buyers and not the landlords' or shareholders'. 

Meanwhile, access to market research, lease and sale comparables, listings and advanced technology is now available to real estate companies of all sizes, not just the largest.  

It's time for a change. 

Recreate combines cutting edge technology, decades of experience and up-to-the-minute data with bespoke, custom-tailored real estate solutions  that deliver consistent and exceptional results that are completely free of any conflict of interest - essentially combining the best of both worlds.  

Rather than simply focusing on the brokerage transaction, we take a big step back and invest in the development of careful and strategic planning that results in saving our clients time and money while avoiding future risks and liabilities. 

We're a family of bootstrapped startups to Fortune 500 companies that share a common goal of giving new life or freshness to whatever we set our minds to.  If this resonates with you, we invite you to recreate with us.  

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Client Testimonials

Tony Scherba

CEO - Yeti

"Recreate was fast, efficient and fair. They came in and listened to what we needed and then showed us a variety of options within our constraints and price ranges. I'm very impressed with Recreate and would highly recommend."

Carlynn Ather

Driver Operations - Uber

"Uber hired Benjamin to represent us in our Bay Area expansion and he was wonderful to work with! He  took the time to listen carefully to our needs, and went above and beyond to identify suitable properties. Benjamin is truly a tenant advocate and I highly recommend his services."

Jared Kennedy

Director of Operations - Brightworks

"With a very tight timeline and a complicated sublease process, Recreate was professional, timely and an overall pleasure to work with though a challenging deal. If it wasn't for Recreate's diligence, the deal would have fallen through at various points. I look forward to working with Recreate again.

Bob Muscat

Western Regional Director - SEIU

"I had a general feeling as to the norms to expect from a broker, until I worked with Recreate. The bar is much higher now, given their amazing focus, advocacy and after-the-move in support they provided us to resolve unexpected issues."

Matt Reeder

Senior Partner - Theorem

"Recreate took the time to understand our company's culture and worked tirelessly until we found the perfect space. They have represented us very well in all stages of our recent deal, and have remained involved and active long after our move-in date. I strongly recommend Recreate and their team."