Why Rapid, Mobile COVID Testing Should be Part of Your RTO Strategy

By Randall Sosnick - December 02, 2020

As businesses everywhere return to the office, there is an elephant in the room that must first be addressed, and that is how to do so safely. What are the best practices behind a return to office program (RTO)? 

There are a handful of steps that every business needs to employ, but arguably the most important is who you first let through the door!  Making sure everyone who enters the front door tests COVID-19 negative is paramount, and there hasn’t been any plug and play solutions until now. Lookout Health is a Bay Area-based company that literally comes to YOU and your place of business.  They will set up at your place of business and test groups with a rapid 15-minute test that determines current infection. Without this, peace of mind is not possible in the workplace, and their mobile approach to COVID testing removes the logistical issues inherent in having everyone go out on their own to get tested within a 24-48 hour window and dealing with unreliable scheduling, lab results, and insurance with their doctor. Even the most venerable testing sites have no appointments available due to the sheer volume of people trying to get tested before the holidays.  Lookout Health circumvents all of this and turns a potential logistical headache into a plug-and-play solution for your office. 

Although Lookout Health focuses on 15-minute rapid Covid tests, they are also able to provide PCR tests with an average 1 to 2 day turnaround time on results. The goal is to make the most important step in any RTO program transparent.

To see how Lookout Health can benefit your office or event, contact Sales@lookouthealth.com or visit their website at www.LookoutHealth.com.


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